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Category: Melia’s Musings


Spring, for me, is like blinking awake from a long sleep…or snapping out of a droopy-eyed state. Kinda like when you’re in a meeting and something HUGE is being shared by the top guy, but all you hear is “blah, blah..blah, blah, blah…Great job, everyone. Meeting’s over.” At which point you propel out of your seat and practically run from the room for fear of being dragged into an impromptu meeting. You know, because they’re ready to start on the project discussed…the one you weren’t paying any attention to…Not that I’ve… Read more Awakenings

Lift a Glass

Welcome to Food and Wine Wednesday! Okay, so, technically, I’m not posting anything specific about food and wine, but for me, this is definitely something to celebrate, so indulge me, pretty please? 🙂 Ready? Entangled Publishing gave MERGER OF THE HEART a new cover! Isn’t it awesome?! And here’s the bestest part of all: MERGER OF THE HEART is $.99 for a limited time! If you don’t have a copy, you can download one from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iBooks. My heartfelt thanks to the readers who gave this… Read more Lift a Glass

The Bells Toll at St. Michael’s

Well, okay, I honestly don’t remember if the bells tolled when I first saw St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral. All I remember was that I was in a new city in a different state, and I got a chance to explore sans kids or husband. Translation: It was pure bliss! Let me explain…As a writer, I tend to get lost in story when I come across anything interesting. Doesn’t seem to matter what it is – a smell, a sound, an awesome pair of shoes…Maybe one that a certain writer might… Read more The Bells Toll at St. Michael’s