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Category: Melia’s Musings

The Journey Continues

Rejection, rejection, rejection. Blech. A few weeks ago I received one from an editor who didn’t like the way the relationship between the hero and heroine developed. There was no request to see anything else I might have. Sigh. Well, okay. Throw that one on the pile. And just a couple of weekends ago, I’d left a meeting with my critique partners. As per their M.O., they’d rightfully bashed the manuscript I’d brought. (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they’re doing their job, but are you kind of seeing a trend… Read more The Journey Continues

You Write WHAT?

There’s no doubt about it. Ask any romance writer. Rejection seems like the norm in our business. And it comes in all forms – beginning with what we write. I work with men. Alpha me-Tarzan-you-Jane kind of men. You know, now that I think of it, one of them actually scratched his unmentionables in front of me while carrying on a work-related conversation. Seriously? Did I not look like a girl that day? *Vainly shaking away the visual scarred into my memory.* One of these guy-friends and I recently chatted… Read more You Write WHAT?