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Tag: Food and Wine Wednesday

Halloween Dinner

Look! The Alexander kitties are celebrating Halloween, too! Do your fur babies celebrate Halloween with you? Happy Food and Wine Wednesday, Melia

Cakes, Cakes, and MORE CAKES!

Cake! Who doesn’t love it in all its wonderful forms? Just like these entries in our local county fair a few weeks ago: Probably the best part of the whole cake-baking process is the way my kitchen smells. You know what I’m talking about: the air, filled with rich aromas of vanilla and spices combined with a few other things waltzing in the oven for awhile before turning  into general yumminess! Of course, even if I had the talent to produce cakes good-enough-not-to-eat, I don’t think I’d have the patience… Read more Cakes, Cakes, and MORE CAKES!

Queen of the Jungle

Hello, and welcome to Food and Wine Wednesday! Oooh, cake! I loves me some pretty cake! Especially one that teases the imagination. Check this out: Isn’t it cool? Some uber-talented baker created this for our local county fair. And while I loved the details, I thought there was something missing: the Queen of the Jungle! (Natch!) Seems to me she shoulda been at the top of the display instead of the zebra. *thinking hard* Yeah! And she should’ve worn a leopard-print dress and a crown made of something really cool.… Read more Queen of the Jungle