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Tag: Food and Wine Wednesday

Food Funnies

Give a kid a bunch of fruit and veggies, tell him he’s expected to create a masterpiece with it, and here’s what you get! Did you ever create such masterpieces? Or, better yet, encouraged your kids to do so? Were you surprised by the results? Please share! Happy Food and Wine Wednesday, Melia

Conference Food YUM!

I’m typically leery of conference food. For me, I never know if I’ll actually eat the stuff or scarf down the protein bar stuffed in my handbag. At a recent conference for The Male Observation Lab (aka construction company day job), I was really surprised at what was served. Check it out! I didn’t try the carrot cake (there’s a pretty good bet it isn’t even close to Paleo!), but I did eat the salmon and green beans, and the salad. It was absolutely yummy! (And, yeah, I’m pretty sure… Read more Conference Food YUM!

Curried, Not Stirred

Every now and then, Mr. Alexander and I like to ditch the nieces and wander off to dinner. (Mean of us, huh?) One evening we found ourselves at a new-to-us restaurant, and did we fall in love with the place! What made it so special? More likely than not it was because we were sans nieces. Don’t get me wrong, we love the girls. Really! It’s just that we went from 0 to an 18 year-old in 6 weeks. And we haven’t had much alone time since. Must. Change. That.… Read more Curried, Not Stirred