Here are some FAQ about me:

Is it Melia as in Amelia without the “A”? Yeah, no. It’s Meh-lee-ya.

Are you really less than five feet tall? Yep, but don’t let the size fool you. I promise I’m perfectly harmless. Mostly.

How do you manage to get along with the guys you work with? The dudes at The Male Observation Lab? They’re great! Very manly man types, but that’s okay. Have I mentioned I’m perfectly harmless? 

What turns you on?  Umm… Should you really be asking me that?

Okay, what inspires you, then? That I can answer! Officially, sunsets and sunrises, the ocean, and a glass of cab sauv and a box of chocolates all to myself. Off the record? Penis-shaped clouds, dudes who share jokes like they’re still 12 years old, and the gooiest, chololatey-ist, deliciousy-ist (I love making up words! Lol!) dessert I can order off a restaurant menu. (I lovingly refer to this trio as the 3 D’s—dicks, dudes, and desserts. Heh!)

When do you find time to write? Honestly, I’m not sure. I mostly get up early and hit a few pages before I head off to The Lab for the day, and sometimes I’ll grab words at lunch or even before bed. Weekends I hit it as hard as I can, focused on nothing but words until I run out of clean dishes and underwear—not necessarily in that order! Mostly, I keep hacking away until a semblance of a story comes out, even if it’s complete crap. Crap I can work with. A blank page? Not so much.

What’s the best way to write? With a tiara on your head. 😊 Seriously, while I do have a set of writing tiaras to choose from, I think the best way for an author to write is any way that gets hands on the keyboard, cranking out words. If that means plotting out a story from start to finish, go for it! If pantsing is more your jam, making up the story as you go along, do that. Just. Write. In other words, there is no one best way, and if an author tells you differently, RUN. Run hard and run fast.

Who’s your favorite author? Good grief! You might as well ask me which bikini is my favorite! Okay, that sounded weird. Still, I don’t have just one favorite, and the list is too long to jot down. I mean, I can get just as engrossed in a book about the workings of the central nervous system as I can with a smexy read. Like a bikini, I can love them all! (As long as they don’t ride up my butt—and that includes books, too!)