Oh, Christmas Tree!

Admittedly, there are times during the holidays when it all becomes a bit overwhelming and just too much. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen very often. Mainly because I truly love all that comes with this time of year: the lights, the baking, the time together with family and friends, and, of course, the tree.

There’s something about the Christmas tree that touches a part of me. Maybe it’s the wonder that once came with awakening on Christmas day to find Santa delivered a present! (If you knew the child-me, you’d know why this was *always* a surprise. Ask my siblings…. On second thought, don’t!) Whatever it was, I’ve always adored Christmas trees.

This one caught my eye on a recent trip to Vegas.

DSC_1046It was the perfect height and was decorated with all sorts of fun ornaments! I was in heaven as I stared at it, imagining what it would be like in a grand hall instead of a Las Vegas boutique….On Christmas morning….With little kids gathered around it….Singing Christmas carols or opening their gifts….Or both! Yep, the possibilities were endless.

And the longer I stared at it, the more relaxed I became. Schedules and deadlines and baking and sending Christmas cards….none of it mattered. All I cared about at that moment in time was the beauty of this tree.

Really, the holidays can be pretty chill. If you let it. And with as crazy our lives are, isn’t it nice to let go and just “be” every now and then? What better time than around a Christmas tree somewhere in Vegas, right?

Happy Mash-Up Monday,