Take Me Back Thursday: Gone Fishin’

Nothing says summer more than outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing, right? I love to hike. Camping (my version) is a lot of fun. But fishing? That was the LAST thing on my list of things to do over the summer.

But, several years ago, I’m not sure what bug bit me in the butt (say THAT five times fast!), but I decided I wanted to try my hand at fishing. Why not? After all, bears fished all the time, lived off their catch. Logic dictated I could do it, too. Heh. Besides, have you seen the price of fish at the grocery store? I figured I could stock my freezer for the price of a fishing license.

With that in mind, I talked one of my best dude friends at The Male Observation Lab into taking me. The morning was sunny gorgeous, and the temperature was just right – not too hot, not too cold – the way Goldilocks would’ve ordered it! And after a couple of hours of throwing my line in (is that even appropriate lingo?) I caught my very first fish ever! Check it out:

IMG_0733-editedOkay, so it wasn’t very impressive, but I was still thrilled! And, no, I didn’t catch enough to justify the cost of the fishing license. As a matter of fact, that was the only fish I’d caught that morning – and I had to throw it back. Something about it not being very edible.

Ah, well. At least it was an experience. . ..

Have you fished? Do you remember your first time? Please share!