Van Gogh’s France

Happy Travel Bug Tuesday!

Several years ago, Mr. Alexander and I took a trip to France. While I absolutely adore Paris, I also wanted to explore more of the country on this trip. So we did! (Yes, Mr. A does love to indulge me!)

These were taken in Auberge Sur Oise, where Van Gogh last lived. I was immediately taken by the stonework throughout the town. So pretty! Looking at the pictures now, I still get goosebumps. . .. Or maybe I need to turn the heat up this morning. *grin*

No, seriously, it was such a fun trip with my best friend – one of those magical never-to-be-forgotten kinds. And I’m so glad we did it.

Come and share your fondest vacay memories!

Happy Travels,

Wordless Wednesday: Steps

Welcome back to Wordless Wednesday!  (I swear it will be totally wordless one day!  Maybe. . ..)

To slap creativity into gear (because heaven knows our muses need some serious help at times), when you see this photo, what comes to mind?


Is it a scene in your WIP?  Something about your hero/heroine?  Maybe backstory that explains why your hero’s mother is such a *bleep* and hates the heroine?

Whatever it is, feel free to share your thoughts here.  But better yet, get off the internet and go write your book!  😉