Nature’s Art, Man’s Machine

It rains in my part of the world. A. Lot.

Which was why it wasn’t a surprise to hit liquid sunshine on a road trip over to Central Oregon, where the opening of my last romantic comedy, DRIVEN TO TEMPTATION, was set. But while Aidan and Delaney’s romance began in sunshiny weather, this was what we saw on our trip:

_dsc0033Pretty, huh? Frankly, I’m amazed that nature’s beauty presented itself in the most unexpected places! And I couldn’t help but smile!

Where do you see something unexpectedly beautiful? Please share!

Happy Photo Friday,


Like a River

20160608_112233Happy Photo Friday!

Just like the beauty of a fast-moving river, release week has flowed so quickly! And what a wonderfully crazy fun time this has been!

Now that DRIVEN TO TEMPTATION is out in the world, it’s time to take a bit of a breath and absorb it all. I’m so grateful to readers who’d taken the time to celebrate with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You all rock!

There’s more partying to be had, so stick around, ‘kay?

Have a gorgeous weekend!




Is It Spring Yet?

Welcome to Photo Friday!

Oregon weather can be a bit schizo this time of year. Case in point, last week we went from days of warm, sunny, wear-a-sundress temperatures, to this view out of my office at The Male Observation Lab:

20160414_153543Welcome to spring in the Pacific Northwest! Fortunately, it’s also awesome writing weather…  😉

What’s the season like in your part of the world?

Have an awesome weekend,


The Thing

Welcome to Photo Friday!

Allow me to present Niece 2. She’s your typical 16 year-old, complete with angst and drama. This was taken at a restaurant while we waited for the bill. Tell me how you’d caption it!

20141207_194021Thanks bunches for stopping by and playing along!

Have an awesome weekend,


Welcome to Photo Friday!

This is one of my fave pictures of me and Bennett Charles, my very bestest kitty ever. (Ssshhh! Don’t tell the other two!) As with most great things in life, time passes too quickly. He’s sixteen this year. (I know, I know! He doesn’t look a day over eight, huh?) Hard to believe, but true…

20150805_202003So, caption this for me, would you? Ready? Go!

Hugs and a happy weekend to you! And thanks bunches for stopping by!!





Mr. A and I made were out one evening, enjoying some outdoor music, great food, and great company. Somewhere in the conversation, the setting sun hit just right, and I got to whip out my handy-dandy phone to take a shot of this: 20150729_183651Makes me smile. And, frankly, shouldn’t most of what we do in life make us smile?

Happy Photo Friday!