Ode to a Shoe Tree

Welcome to Fashionista Friday!

Imagine driving along a sparsely beautiful road, your only company the occasional car or truck traveling in the opposite direction. On one side of your drive is a river snaking through an otherwise dry (for Oregon) land while on the other side, hills and mountains jut up, jagged scars dividing them in places and making you wonder what stories are hidden amongst the cracks and crevices.

A Lady Gaga song’s blaring out of the speakers, and you’re belting it out along with her, sure that if your talent were ever discovered, you’d rival the pop star. (Okay, that part’s pure fantasy!) The sun’s shining through the sun roof, it’s touch warm against your bare arms, and you have a tough time remembering that summer’s really over.

That’s when you round a bend in the road and come upon this:

The first thing that caught my eye were the strange shaped fruit hanging on it, so of course I had to stop and check it out. When I realized the “fruit” were shoes, I was sure I was given a sign to add to my hit the sale rack at Nordstrom on my way home! Wouldn’t you think the same thing?

Have a great weekend!

Happy Shopping,

Fashionista Friday: The Mother Ship Calleth

I was at a conference recently, in a city that has one of my fave shoe-shopping places. And not one of the tiny versions, but THE MOTHER SHIP.

Fortunately for me, my best shoe-shopping gal pal happened to be at the same conference. Guess what we did at lunch that day? Heh. 🙂

It was a no-brainer, really. I mean, who needed food when the Mother Ship called? She sent invisible, beacon-like signals all morning, like a faraway siren calling us to her. Really, we didn’t have a choice. Never mind that we were both in high heels and had to walk four city blocks to get there. Pfft. A little pain was nothing. I mean, this was the Mother Ship we’re talking about here.

When we got there it was like coming home. *Sigh* Rows upon rows upon rows of shoes. And in really cool styles, too. Top that with the smell of leather the fact that the shoes fit, and it was a wonder either one of us left the store at all!

The best part? We got back to the conference in time to have lunch. But that’s another blog post. . .. 😉

What’s your mother ship?

Happy shopping,