One Man’s Ugly

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I can definitely be a fashion snob – when it comes to what I wear. You ought to hear some of the conversations I have with myself.

“Really, Melia, those wedge heels sooo do not go with that dress.” Or, “Bare tummy when not in bikini? Just how old do you think you are? Three?” Or, my absolute fave, “Panty lines. You have panty lines showing. Change the bottom or lose the panty.” Only once did I go commando. But that’s a different story….

When it comes to other people and their clothing choices, I give them the a lot of leeway. After all, taste is very personal, isn’t it? So if you wanna show up at the grocery store in your PJ’s, have at ‘er. My attitude on this doesn’t change. Much. Even when I walked past this number on my way out of a shopping center one night.

20141209_172831The Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit. Kit, as in, you get to design your own piece of sweater magic. (Wasn’t some budding entrepreneur on the edge of brilliant when this was created?) And not all of it turns out to be a masterpiece. Which made me wonder if a Create an Ugly Christmas Sweater party – complete with prizes for the top three uglies –  would be a fun idea. What do you think? Would you go to such a party?

Happy Fashionista Friday,