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Rejection, rejection, rejection. Blech. A few weeks ago I received one from an editor who didn’t like the way the relationship between the hero and heroine developed. There was no request to see anything else I might have. Sigh. Well, okay. Throw that one on the pile.

And just a couple of weekends ago, I’d left a meeting with my critique partners. As per their M.O., they’d rightfully bashed the manuscript I’d brought. (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they’re doing their job, but are you kind of seeing a trend here?)

So it was an unbelievably thrilling surprise when I opened up my e-mail while at a grocery store I’d stopped at on the way home from that meeting. What I thought was yet another editor rejection instead turned out to be something else entirely – an invitation to discuss the possibilities of a manuscript I’d submitted. REALLY? I had to read the darned thing three or four times to convince myself it was meant for me.

It was. The world pin-pricked into a single point then. Just me and my grocery cart full of red wine and a couple of packages of dark chocolate. (Hey, I was re-stocking essentials for the week!) After performing my version of what my author-friend Jenna Bayley-Burke terms the “kermit-flail,” I took a deep breath and tried to ground myself long enough to get out of the store. (By the way, my apologies to those at Trader Joe’s who witnessed that display. And thanks to the staff for not throwing me out!)

After I floated back to the mortal world, I came to an important realization. Sometimes we writers who choose not to go the self-publishing route get so many rejections we forget something inherently true in this business: being published means finding the right editor. I don’t know about you, but for me, finding that one special editor who believes in the story, and who believes in my writing skills, is who I’m searching for.

Discussing my manuscript with the editor above was surreal (Should I say this? She’s probably following my blog!) and EXTREMELY informative. I’ve learned so much about where I need to focus in order to make my story a better experience for readers. That’s always been my goal, and I’m excited to know she supports it! Now I just need to make the necessary story changes. Piece of cake, right? 😀

Meanwhile, the journey continues.

Okay, so I’ve bared my soul, now it’s your turn. Care to share where you are on your writing journey?

Retreating back to the edit cave,