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After graduating high school on the Pacific island of Guam, Niece left the warm tropical sunshine and gorgeous beaches a couple of years ago to come live with us. I’d like to say it’s because we’re really kewl and she knew our influence would have a positive impact on her life, but the reality is we’re cheap rent while she prepares to attend nursing school.

To go from childless to a nineteen-year-old continues to be a mind-boggling adjustment for us, even now. (That’s putting it mildly!) For instance, recently she’d barged in on a private moment Hubby and I were sharing in the kitchen. Her response sparked the title for this post. Needless to say, it killed the moment, and we were forced apart.

Me And My Man

Which begs the question: why is it that teens find it acceptable when their peers participate in some questionable public displays of affection while their parents (or pseudo-parents, in our case) are chastised in the privacy of our homes? Really? Do they not know how they got here in the first place? Do they not realize the amount of energy it took to create them? (Just because it was fun doesn’t make it any less physically demanding. Just sayin’!) And then there’s the whole pressure to keep them alive until they reach adulthood and can finally leave. (Although I do understand some of them do come back – yikes!)

One FaceBook friend posted that her husband, who’d been away on a business trip for the week, was returning home that evening, and that she had a special reunion planned. There were no details, nothing the least bit graphic, yet her son threatened to “unfriend” her, citing his belief that she was “gross.” Sigh.

There’s nothing wrong with a physically and emotionally healthy relationship between two people committed to each other. And what a beautiful example those moments are for kids to view what commitment looks like.

But, really, commitment is more than that, too. It’s making sure Niece catches the bus on time and taking her to school if she doesn’t. It’s folding laundry, scooping out the catbox, and taking out the trash each night. It’s making sure my water glass is filled before we go to bed because I’m too exhausted to notice. It’s holding my hand while we fall asleep, and kissing me on the temple until I wake up when the alarm goes off and I don’t hear it right away. (Wow. Hubby does a lot. Must find a way to thank the man!) And, yes, it’s stealing a kiss in the kitchen when we’re alone.

See, this is the stuff we romance writers strive for in our stories, no matter if we write sweets or erotica. In our books, it takes a lot to earn a happily-ever-after, and maintaining that takes an equal amount of work and commitment to the relationship. Personally, it’s way better than a screaming match between two people any day!

What’s the sweetest moment you’ve ever remembered your parents (or other influential adults in your life) sharing? Did you blurt out a version of, “Dude! Ohmigod! Sooo gross!” at the sight? Tell!