From Duck To Raven


I remembered this photo as I watched the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers battle during last Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII.  Me and Haloti Ngata.  Taken at a pep rally at the Holiday Bowl back at a time when an Oregon Duck post-season football game wasn’t a given.  Yeah, peeps, it wasn’t that long ago, either!  🙂

I wish I could say “I knew him when . . .” but I’m just as grateful to be able to say “I met him when . . ..”

Congratulations to the Ravens on their 34 – 31 win!


6 thoughts on “From Duck To Raven

  1. Cool pic, Melia. Haloti Ngata is a Raven player I am not as familiar with. But then my familiarity with the defensive side of the game is pretty limited. Also the only roster I know very well is the Steelers (my husbands fave team).

    I must say, this Superbowl was quite exciting. The back and forth between the teams and the Ravens holding on to the very end was enough to get my heart racing. Of course, we were rooting for the Ravens only because my husband didn’t want SF to match the Steelers 6 Superbowl wins record.

    It also helped me enjoy the game that the Steelers were NOT playing, which meant my husband was not yelling directions on every play. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Maggie! It was a great experience, and I’m glad I screwed up the courage to ask Haloti if I could have a pic taken with him.

    As for the bowl game — I figured that any way it came out would be great for a former Duck! 😉


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