Me and My Muse

Recently, I made a trip over the mountains and through the woods to Grandmother’s house. . ..  P1130520

Sorry, no.  Snippets of that childhood song somehow entered the brain this morning and refuses to leave!  Seriously, through the snow and ice and white knuckle driving — I grew up on Guam, remember? — I had to stop and take some pictures of the scenery.   So pretty!  And part of the distraction as I tried to concentrate on keeping my vehicle on the sanded part of the road AND avoid uber-crazed drivers who decided my 25 mph speed was too slow.  P1130524

The other part of the distraction was a scene in my current project that involves snow.  Of course, my muse decided to choose that long stretch of roadway to deliver some interesting ideas on how the scene could be better developed.  Sigh.

We have such a love-hate relationship.  She loves to torment me and I hate when she does.  And all because she stays in the basement smoking cigars and playing beer pong even when I beg for help, and then she chooses the strangest times to impart wisdom.  Like driving through the tail end of a snow storm.  P1130529

Needless to say, I didn’t jot those ideas down right away.  I’m sure I’d forgotten some of it by the time I reached my hotel room, but what I did remember sure made sense to me.  So I guess I should thank her, huh?

Has your Muse dropped a nugget of story magic on you at a strange time?  How did you record it?


10 thoughts on “Me and My Muse

  1. Loved the pictures. They do remind me of that song! Wish I had time this morning to share my muse! But just had to take the time to share yours! Beautiful!

  2. Story magic comes to me when I’m not trying too hard to find it. In my dreams, while watching Jeopardy, while taking a shower, while hiking, while reading emails or surfing the net, and always while driving somewhere. The only time I record them is when I’m reading emails and surfing the net because I can easily slip over to my electronic note cards. As for the rest, I trust that if the idea actually had merit it will come back to me at the appropriate time.

    Okay, maybe I don’t completely trust it. However, given my lack of short term memory and inability to write it down all the other times, I’ve chosen to believe that I trust those ideas with merit will return. The good news is I believe they have. Idea amnesia really is a wondrous thing. 🙂

  3. See, that’s just it, Maggie — why can’t the magic come when we need it most? (Yeah, yeah, add in a foot stomp or two and I could convince anyone I’ve just turned three. . .. LOL!) Still, I love your attitude!

    Happy writing,

  4. Trust me, Teri, I did it because I had to! To say I was completely confident would be, well. . . lying. *shrugs* So there you have it. Driving under those conditions — which included snow drifts, a totally strange sensation! — wouldn’t be anything I’d volunteer to do anytime soon.

    Virtual hugs,

  5. My muse is much like yours and chooses very inconvenient times to start feeding me ideas. Yesterday…during a meeting I need to pay attention to…no computer handy to write…you get the picture. To add insult to injury, she deserted me when I was home at my computer and sitting in front of that dreaded blinking cursor without a clear memory of what I needed to write. Grrrr.

  6. Ah. . . so you know that of which I speak! The two of us need to figure out a way to get them to cooperate, Kylie. Any suggestions? (For what it’s worth, bribery doesn’t work!)

    Virtual hugs,

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