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Having my 14 year-old niece join her sister has definitely changed the dynamics in the Alexander household.  For one thing, I’ve had this unexplainable desire to do stuff I don’t typically do.  IMAG0774Like take an entire Saturday and do something other than writing.  (My CP’s know me well enough to realize what a big deal this is, and have been uber-patient with me.  Right?  Right?)

Recently I packed the girls up at near the butt-crack of dawn and headed out of town for the day.  Our destination: someplace new, someplace to make a memory.

My day job requires I do a certain amount of traveling and gives me a chance to stop by some cool places along the way.  DSC_1709Before I started eating a Paleo diet, The Sugar Shack was one of my fave spots – the best apple fritters around!  And the coconut bars — YUMMY!  No surprise that I chose that route.  🙂

Over donuts and coffee, I got to know my girls a little bit better.  Like what makes them tick — which is, admittedly kind of like searching for the Holy Grail, in my opinion! DSC_1711 DSC_1714DSC_1713We made a memory.  Which wasn’t a bad thing, right?  Right?  Cuz the writing will be there but I get only so much time to influence Niece and Niece 2, particularly before they start the school year.  I gotta believe that’s important, too!

So today I’m back at it, whipping the WIP into shape.  But I don’t regret the time with my family.  I’m discovering that they gotta have some of my attention.

Which makes me wonder.  Writing peeps, how do you balance work, family, and writing?