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Most of you know my beautiful sister came to visit this past summer, and left Niece 2 with me.  (That could be good or bad, depending on your point of view!)  And while Sis was here, I took every possible opportunity to play hooky from life so we could spend some time together.  One of my faves: a trip to an area vineyard. . .. NATCH!  🙂

At King Estate Winery, we wandered through the grounds, enjoyed the scenery, had lunch, drank some wine. . .. And that’s when La Muse woke up.

I say it was the wine. . ..  But what muse wouldn’t be inspired?

View of the valley

What if the hero/heroine woke up to this every day?  Would the beauty of the valley even register?

Beyond those doors - the tasting room!

Beyond those doors – the tasting room!  But what if this was the entry to the villain’s home?

A flight of reds. . ..

A flight of reds. . ..  A hero or heroine vintner?

Food!  As beautiful to eat as it looked.

Food! As beautiful to eat as it looked.  Of course, in my story, I can see the hero interviewing a new personal chef. . ..

Really, inspiration is everywhere!  Some days, like this one, it’s easier for La Muse to come up with a scene, or a story line, or a character trait.  Most of it is just fun musings, but occasionally, she comes up with a nugget.

Which makes me wonder. . .. Maybe I should play hooky more often. . .. 🙂

Happy writing,