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Welcome to Wordy Wednesday!

Yeah, there’s probably not such a thing, but I figured I failed miserably at Wordless Wednesday – couldn’t seem to NOT type anything. Some of you might not be surprised. But I digress. . ..

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I decided to start a day early because, really, I was born on Guam and the island’s on the other side of the date line where it truly IS Thanksgiving, and friends and family there are eating pie P1150611while I have this perfectly lovely one sitting in the fridge all lonely, so in my ever-generous nature I decided I should help them celebrate. Good of me, huh? 🙂 (Right about now English teachers throughout the world are giving me “the look” – my mom included!)

So this morning I raise my fork to all of you and give thanks for the many blessings heaped upon my life. And may you, too, take this special time of year to reflect on all that is good in your world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eating pie,