Holiday Traditions – Christmas Ornaments

So. Hubby and I decided that the girls (our two beautiful, talented nieces) should each choose an ornament every year they’re with us.  so that by the time they’re on their own, they’d have a few to start them out. Well, okay, so it was my idea and Hubby was smart enough to go along with it! 🙂

It struck me as I looked at our tree this morning that our girls were so different in so many ways. Right down to the ornaments they chose. Take a peek.



A ballerina and a bottle of mustard. Care to guess which one belongs to the 21-year-old (Niece) versus the 14-year-old (Niece 2)?

Happy guessing,

5 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions – Christmas Ornaments

  1. I’m going against type and guessing the mustard is the 14 year old and the ballerina is the 21 year old. It’s a great tradition to start with them. Every time we put ornaments on our tree they bring back so many memories. Happy New Year to you and your family, Melia.

  2. Bingo!

    The whole experience made me chuckle because I’m pretty sure there’ll come a point with Niece 2 when she pulls it out one Christmas and wonders what the charm of this particular ornament was. LOL.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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