Writers are Everywhere

I love when life hands you opportunities to IMAG1010forge friendships! Case in point: my chance meeting with a local writer, Cindy Foster.

We were in her office discussing real-world business stuff. You know, the kind you don’t want to do but have to do – like eating your veggies when you’d rather have a huge piece of chocolate cake with lots of creamy chocolate frosting and washed down with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. . .. Yeah. That.

Right behind her desk was an announcement for an upcoming writing conference. (Not that I was snooping or anything. Honest.) Anywho, it was like the clouds opened up and heaven delivered a kindred spirit – without trumpets and angels and stuff – although that would’ve been really cool. 🙂 And just like that the meeting immediately turned from “gotta get through this” to “this is so awesome!”

We deviated into a discussion of writing. Natch. Turns out Cindy’s published in two anthologies, and she even gave me an autographed copy of GHOSTS AT THE COAST. I especially loved that part – who doesn’t love autographed books?

Eventually we did have to talk business again, but I left feeling really, really, really good. It’s always so cool when you meet someone who shares a passion for the written word, for the craft, for the love of a good story. Since then my radar’s been up ’cause it could happen with anyone, anywhere. The check-out lady at the grocery store. A theoretical physics professor at the local college. The doctor who’s treating you in the ER.

Yep, writers are everywhere. And that’s a good thing. We draw from our experiences and create stories that entertain, that sometimes teach, that always play out on one of the greatest stages around: your imagination.

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