Fortune Cookies and Caviar Dreams

Do you believe in the power of a good fortune? The lollipop and rainbow kind that’s delivered all wrapped up in crunchy, flavorful yumminess at the end of a meal? The heart-racing kind that has you mentally spending your imagined wealth on the great pair of Christian Louboutin black high heels you’d salivated over for years. . .. And years. . .. And – yeah, you get the picture. (Well, okay, so maybe that fantasy’s limited to just me, but still. . ..)

I admit, I love fortune cookies. Not to eat, but for those tiny promises that come in them. This recent one was at the end of a birthday dinner for Niece at her fave Asian restaurant. Frankly, despite the haul she made that night, I think I ended up the real winner – even if I did pick up the tab! Check it out: P1170046

You know what, universe? A pair of Christian Louboutins would sum up my definition of success. Just sayin’!

How would you define yours?

Have an awesome week,