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One of the joys of summer is the chance for dudes to play with their grill. Right? P1170353Which means we ladies get to chill with an ice cold beverage in hand – BONUS!

Here’s how you make it happen:

1.  Search through freezer for package of sirloin that you swore you just saw. Find it half an hour later, WAAAY back there, past the frozen blackberries (Two years old? How’d I miss that?), chicken bones for soup stock (enough for a cauldron), and a freezer-burned package of ground beef (that was promptly tossed).

2.  Set package on a plate and place in fridge.

3.  Remove package from fridge because, HELLO, you need it tonight, which means you need to marinate it this morning so the flavors have a chance to marry.P1170355 (Don’t know if this is a technical cooking term, but that’s what I call it. What can I say? I write romance!)

4.  Babysit the package while it’s thawing in the microwave. Coz you KNOW the minute you walk away it’ll start cooking. *Nods sagely*

5.  When half-thawed, remove meat from package and slice into strips.

6.  Place strips in a bowl and add salt, pepper, olive oil, and rosemary from the handy plants on the window sill. (Be warned: if you don’t use the rosemary, you’ll walk in one morning and find they’ve taken over the entire kitchen. Yep, they grow FAST!)

7.  Place beef mixture in plastic zip lock bag so that, you guessed it, the flavors can marry!P1170364

8.  Remove some ten to twelve hours later (hey, it’s the construction season!) and skewer.

9.  Hand plate of skewered meat to The Grilling Dude.

10.  Let him cook the danged things and get all the credit for the meal.


I think we’ll go to a steakhouse next time. . ..