Food and Wine Wednesday: An Afternoon at King Estates


One of the funnest things an author gets to do is research for an upcoming book. And although there’s a lot to be said for gathering information off the Internet, in some cases, nothing captures La Muse’s attention better than actually visiting a location. Particularly if wine’s involved.P1170433

To La Muse’s happy discovery, my next project takes place at a vineyard. And surprise, surprise there are vineyards all around us!

So it was with great research determination that I set off for one of them recently, a fave, as a matter of fact: King Estates.

Cousin and I found a table on the side patio, set out our stuff, and soaked in the ambiance of the place. I took notes and started to jot ideas for the series. We even brainstormed ideas for my characters, including some of the outrageous things that could happen to them. LOL. *And claps hands together like a happy five-year-old*

I love my author-job!

On a scale of one to five bottles of wine, how happy do you suppose I was that afternoon?

Happy researching,