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Welcome to Mash-Up Monday, where I pretty much toss in stuff that doesn’t fit into the other four days that I blog. 🙂

Niece 2’s gone.

Gone as in, one day a few weeks ago, before the butt-crack of dawn, I hauled her to the airport to put her on a plane. In spite of my trepidation and flat-out anxiety over her getting lost somewhere between here and Guam (did you know that kids aren’t IMAG1468 escorted on planes anymore?), she was completely focused on getting back to sunshine and warm beaches and island food.

Yep. This kid of mine, who I’d hauled to school the past year, and sometimes brought home at the end of the day, who totally messed with my CrossFit schedule so I could take her to tumbling class or a Petanque match or Cheer squad practice, left. And without a look back. I kid you not. . ..

The house has been strangely quiet ever since. Eerily so. Gone was the pop music blaring out of her computer or the house speakers, gone was the singing at the top of her lungs, and gone were those moments when I’d wander into a room and find her quietly reading like a total angel. It amazes me how much impact a kid can have on life – most of it good, all of it enriching. And while I brood over how she left, I give thanks in the knowledge that by Thursday she’ll be home again.

And that’s probably about the time I’ll miss the peace and quiet of these past few weeks. . ..

Happy Monday,