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Welcome to Travel Bug Tuesday!

When I think about Hawaii, I think about Mai Tais and beaches and warm weather. But star-gazing? Nope. Wasn’t even on the radar of  things-to-do-in-Hawaii. P4180003So when Mr. Alexander suggested it on our last trip over, I thought I didn’t hear him right. Hawaii had mountains that high up?

It took a bit of convincing but the guy’s got his ways! 😉 P4180012I found myself boarding a small tour bus one afternoon and we made the trek over the mountains. Note: when planning such a trip, do not drink two Mai Tais before boarding. Trust me on this. . ..

The tour included dinner and a trip to the P4180007observatory at the top of Mauna Kea. And was it COLD up there. Remember the whole Hawaii and beaches thing? I hadn’t packed more than a couple of bikinis. Not to worry. The tour company provided heavy jackets for us to use. Which isn’t much of a look over a bikini, but whatevs.

And because the air’s so thin, oxygen bottles are available for guests if needed. *slowly raises hand* (Remember the Mai Tais?)

P4180011Then it was time to star gaze. Wow! There’s an entire galaxy out there! I know! You’re surprised, right? 😉 For the first time ever I got to lay eyes on Saturn through a high-powered telescope. While there are no photos to prove this, I have the image firmly embedded in my brain. It was truly amazing!

Have you traveled somewhere and discovered something truly surprising about it? Please share!

Happy travels,