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Welcome to Travel Bug Tuesday!

A little while ago, my SissyLu 2 was in the Pacific Northwest for work. And since I hadn’t seen her in what felt like *forever*, of course I made the ten-hour round trip drive to spend an afternoon with her! What can I say? I kinda like her a lot. 🙂

We ended up exploring the Seattle area a bit, and I totally loved not knowing what was around the next corner. That’s the fun of it! And by driving awhile, we ended up at Port Defiance. Check out the pics!

It always amazes me how quickly time flies when I’m having an awesome time! And the drive was so worth it to touch base with SissyLu 2 again. Makes me wish she lived close enough were I can drive to see her every so often. Ah, well. Perhaps one day. . ..

How far would you go to spend a short amount of time with your sister/brother/parents?

Tuesday hugs,