Evocative Orchids

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I love flowers, especially ones that remind me of Guam, of home. Flowers like the rich hues of pink and purple and yellow bougainvilleas, and the uber-fragrant plumerias. But since plumerias and bougainvilleas are hard to grow in the Pacific Northwest (and since I have a self-proclaimed death thumbIMAG1415 as opposed to a green thumb), I don’t see much of these tropical beauties at all.

Orchids, however, are a bit different. These puppies can be found potted at the grocery store. The. Grocery. Store.

Not that I have an orchid anywhere in my home (note the death thumb reference above), but each time I see one, I’m transported to Guam. (Which is kinda weird since I don’t remember seeing much of these growing up!)

I feel the warm breezes like a soft caress while laying on the beach or by the pool. . ..I see the sun kissing wannabe-tanned bodies. . ..I hear the soft lapping of warm ocean water, and hard-working people taking life nice and easy for a change. . ..

As for the evenings? Well, let’s just say the evenings are best spent viewing the sunset with a special someone, a bottle of bubbly, and . . . playing out your best imagination. . .. 😉

Do you have a flower that brings you back to some place special? Please share!

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