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Welcome to Take Me Back Thursday!

I’m taking a walk down writers’ memory lane. P4300023 2005 04 30 with Elizabeth BoyleWriter-pals know what I’m talking about: going through that scrapbook or photo album or computer file filled with mementos from the writerly life. For me that includes moments with awe-inspiring authors like Elizabeth Boyle. Her warmth and sense of humor continue to be infectious! And all while sharing her love of creating passionate historical romances for her readers.

I sit in on her workshops every chance I get, and each time I pick up a tip (or ten!) on how to make my writing stronger, whether it’s plotting the story or really delving into the characters. Her willingness to share is amazing and much appreciated by newbie writers, including me!

Which once again reminds me: whether we’re writing, or teaching a writing workshop, or helping the kids with geometry, or even shopping for shoes, we can all have a positive impact on the lives of those we come into contact with each day.

Kinda heavy, huh? 😉

Happy almost Friday,