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It’s Travel Bug Tuesday!

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling in my life, but some of my fave places have been in my own imagination. Have you tried it? It’s a lot of fun! Sometimes, it’s even more fun than actually doing the stuff you thought about in the first place. (Case in point: not jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is valid, no matter how many times I’ve made that jump in my head!)

So on a recent trip girl-trip to Vegas *waves to Notre Dame High School gal pals*, La Muse took advantage of the sights and sounds and smells and feel and tastes around us. Take, for instance, the night I gazed outside my hotel room and saw this:

20141012_020305Initially, La Muse saw what I suspect most do: Knights in shining armor … ladies in gorgeous gowns … maybe even a huge ball celebrating the birth of a new monarch.

But then she added this: within the castle walls was an uber secret ginormous library known only to the princess. She’d spend HOURS locked within its walls,while  castle-life continued (how else was she supposed to buy more books?). There was an endless supply of chocolate – grown in her magical garden, natch! With decaf Americano to go with it in the morning, to be replaced by Cab Sauv at night, the library was Heaven on Earth!

At least, it would be for one perpetually busy writer-type who’s on the verge of pouting ’cause she doesn’t have enough reading time, but who shall otherwise remain nameless…. *Whistles up at the ceiling – is that a spider up there?*

What do you see when you look at the above photo? Please share!

Happy travels,