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Those of you with December birthdays can attest to how hard it can be to keep the whole holiday thing out of your special day. So when I was invited to my nephew’s 8th birthday party, I definitely kept this in mind. Apparently, so did he. His menu choice for the evening? Pizza! Natch.

What I loved best about the whole thing was how truly chill it was. Let’s face it: there’s enough holiday craziness that some down time is more than welcomed. There was no formal dinner setting, no place cards, no menus at the table.

Instead, there was pizza out of the cardboard boxes, and eaten off of paper plates and napkins. We all sat around the dinner table and toasted the Birthday Boy. Candles were blown. Presents were opened. And the casual atmosphere only added to the evening. I loved every second of it!

Do you have a December birthday? How do you celebrate?

Happy eating,