Happy Mash-Up Monday!

With developmental edits for my next book hitting my inbox the same week as my debut book, MERGER OF THE HEART, released on December 29th, life got a whole lotta crazy busy for me in a very short time! And I’m woefully behind in sharing stuff with you all. Sorry.

So. To catch you all up, while I was busy navigating my newbie self through authordom, my Entangled Publishing release-day buddy, Tawna Fenske, was busy doing what I shoulda done…but didn’t. What can I say, she’s a promo queen! And thankfully took my hand as I stepped down the rabbit hole.

Okay, so she really shoved me in! But now that I’m on the other side, I’m glad she did. No, really. I am!

See, the two of us teamed up and made some video clips (with the help of her uber-talented hubby, Craig) to celebrate our book releases. They were so much fun to do! Well, not “do” do, just do…Ohmigosh, I’m starting to think like Tawna…YAY!

Anyhoo, I’m sending you all to her blog post on Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing to take a peek at our creations. Ummm… One more thing: You might want to make sure there are no kids or judgey co-workers around…Got it? Now, go!

And when you’re done, come on back and tell me which one was your favorite?

Have an awesome week,