The Bells Toll at St. Michael’s

Well, okay, I honestly don’t remember if the bells tolled when I first saw St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral. All I remember was that I was in a new city in a different state, and I got a chance to explore sans kids or husband. Translation: It was pure bliss!

Let me explain…As a writer, I tend to get lost in story when I come across anything interesting. Doesn’t seem to matter what it is – a smell, a sound, an awesome pair of shoes…Maybe one that a certain writer might gift herself with once she finishes her next book and sends it in to her amazing editor…*insert happy sigh!*

But I digress…

Let’s just say La Muse loves sipping her Bourbon, smoking her cigar and making stuff up at the slightest provocation…Unless, of course, I’m on deadline. It’s generally at this point she decides she needs a vacay. (Nice, huh?)

Anyway, while on a recent trip to Boise, I walked around the city a bit (and ooohhh, did I come up with a great story idea! But, again, I digress…sorry…) and came on this really cool little church just a block from the state capitol.

Isn’t it pretty? I love the details in the glass, the iron, and the woodwork. Gorgeous!

It didn’t take long before La Muse spun a few ideas about what might’ve happened in this church — sassy, sexy, fun kind of things! (Ssshhh! Don’t tell my mother…) And some of it was pretty good, too! Good enough to make it into a future book, even. 😀

Do you sometimes stumble on certain objects or places or things that make your head spin a tale? Please share!

Happy travels,