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Welcome to Food and Wine Wednesday!

As some of my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers know, I’m on the Whole30 Program. Currently at Day 24 as of today! Can I get a fist bump for that?

While I’ve been eating mostly clean for three years now (or is it four?), I’d noticed that the past few months I’d caved to life pressures and had increased my intake of carbs. Mainly in the form of chocolate, red wine, and tortilla chips. That’s right. The tortilla chips was the wake up call for me! So 24 days ago, I started the journey to clean up my eating, and I’m going strong! No real threat to the program…until a meeting at The Male Observation Lab last Monday.

See, every year there’s this day in the spring where we gather all the supervisory-type folks and sit their butts in a chair for roughly eight to ten hours and share stuff with them. Super interesting stuff. Stuff critical, or at least helpful, to their jobs. (Believe me when I say this is a challenge for construction dudes used to being out in the field and moving all day!) Anyhoo, there I was, happily minding my own business, when at the morning break, this shows up:

Fresh baked, still warm, mouth-watering cinnamon rolls.

I stared longingly. Which in and of itself is kinda weird, considering I don’t normally eat stuff with grains in it. (It’s that Paleo-like thing going on.) But that morning…oh, man that morning was tough. I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit I stood beside it, closed my eyes, and inhaled. Deeply. Filled my lungs with all that cinnamony-goodness and imagined all the yummy gooiness hitting my mouth…

Then I ate a hard-boiled egg.

What temptation have you been faced with that had you wanting to cave in so badly you couldn’t stand it? Did you?

Have an awesome week!