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I’m pretty well convinced that this is the year of virgin moments for me. It’s kinda like waking up after a long, long, LONG nap and finding all these cool things that I’ve yet to experience. Like paddle boarding on the Deschutes River.

IMG_7039I wasn’t sure at first. After all, that water was COLD! And the thought of slipping off the paddle board…well, let’s just say I wasn’t looking forward to getting my hair wet.  🙂 But once I got myself on it, I was hooked!

There’s something so freakin’ cool about gliding along on the water with few peeps around. Makes for a very contemplative time, time I used thinking about the characters in the book I’m working on now. I thought about how to take two broken people, make them whole so they can come together and create something bigger than each of them. Pretty heavy stuff, huh?

Well, whatever it is that feeds La Muse, I’m all for it! Unless it involves jumping out of a perfectly good airplane…I gotta draw the line somewhere!

I know there are more adventures to come, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you, so thanks bunches for hanging with me!

What activity do you participate in that makes you contemplative?

Happy Travel Bug Tuesday…