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In my experience, a writer doesn’t exist in a bubble. On the contrary. There are people who 20150722_185525help us along on this crazy roller coaster publishing ride, and even well past the times our babies are launched into the world. While we seek some of these people, others fall onto our paths at the most opportune moments. So much so that we never forget them. Ever.

Romance writer author-pal Donna Alward definitely falls into this category for me! See, there was a time at a RWA National Conference when I seriously questioned what the hell I was still doing trying to get published in the face of rejection after rejection after…you get the picture.

And when my critique partner insisted that I join her while she met up with some Harlequin editors and multi-pubbed authors, that was THE LAST place I wanted to be. I mean, who was I to dare sully the same air as these greats, right? So I trailed behind, stayed on the fringes of the group, and generally tried to find interest in the touristy things we were seeing: The Reflection Pool, The Washington Monument, some rocks at The Natural History Museum. I didn’t feel like I belonged with them. At All. At least, that was until Donna stepped in.

She talked to me. Like, actually cared about what I was writing, and that I WAS writing at all. With her interest, I found myself back in the writing game. And am I ever happy I continued!

That day I learned about the awesome power of  hope that we all hold over each other. One word…one look…one smile…sometimes that’s all that’s needed to make a positive difference in another human being’s life. I try hard to remember that, although I do need to be reminded every now and then, too!

So today’s Take-Me-Back Thursday photo is of the two of us at RWA 2015 in New York City. We planned, we schemed, we laughed, and we shared “special” chocolate pieces! Honestly, I’d go beyond infinity for this lady! Well…as long as it’s moral and legal! Okay, okay…those are admittedly flexible rules, too! (But don’t share that with her, ‘kay? She might draft me onto a committee or something! 😉 )

Have you met someone super-influential in your life? Please share!

Happy Almost-Friday!

Hugs and chocolate kisses,