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I admit it. When I think of travel, I sometimes totally forget how awesome the Pacific Northwest is, often looking for a more exotic destination than the area’s gorgeous scenery. Shame on me!

I was reminded of all this gorgeousness when I met up with a few of my friends recently. See, with all the crazy-ass snow and ice we’d gotten up to that point, we were pretty much bouncing off the walls and ready to get outside and DO SOMETHING on the first somewhat warm, non-rainy day that finally showed up. Well, okay, it did rain a bit, but it wasn’t the drowning kind, so I’m glad we braved it! Take a peek!

_dsc0104The Silver Creek Falls hiking trails take you behind a couple of the water falls. Like, you’re standing behind them! This is the northern most fall, with this constant roar as the water dumped itself over the edge – way cool!

This summer I plan to explore more of the local area and take advantage of the sights and sounds and general awesomeness that makes up my part of the world. So excited!

What treasures are in your part of the world?

Happy Travels,