Bring It!

IMAG0259There are times when it feels like life’s so crammed with challenges and stuff that I don’t believe I could possibly take on one more thing.

That’s when I remember this photo.  I was holding Alex at the time when Bennett, whom Hubmeister carried in his arms, insisted on joining us.  Despite my protests, Bennett crawled over his brother and onto my shoulder — a place he’d claimed since he was a kitten.  And I managed to hold onto both of them for quite awhile!

So I now think of challenges in this way:  even if some things in life seem impossible, sometimes you just gotta do it before you can figure out what you’re truly capable of accomplishing.

And it only took a cat to help me figure that out. . ..

Have a fantastic weekend!

-Melia (who is happily editing a manuscript 🙂 )