Bring It!

IMAG0259There are times when it feels like life’s so crammed with challenges and stuff that I don’t believe I could possibly take on one more thing.

That’s when I remember this photo.  I was holding Alex at the time when Bennett, whom Hubmeister carried in his arms, insisted on joining us.  Despite my protests, Bennett crawled over his brother and onto my shoulder — a place he’d claimed since he was a kitten.  And I managed to hold onto both of them for quite awhile!

So I now think of challenges in this way:  even if some things in life seem impossible, sometimes you just gotta do it before you can figure out what you’re truly capable of accomplishing.

And it only took a cat to help me figure that out. . ..

Have a fantastic weekend!

-Melia (who is happily editing a manuscript 🙂 )

14 thoughts on “Bring It!

  1. Great, inspirational post, Melia! Those kitties were determined, weren’t they? A natural trait in cats, and I think in writers, too! Go get’em girl 🙂


  2. Miss Viola! Hugs!! Both my boys are pretty headstrong when they’ve got their sights set on something. LOL. I learn from them ALL the time. 🙂

    Hope all is well with you.

  3. That photo is precious! I agree with you 100% on “just do it.” I’ve always found if I take too much time to analyze the challenge I will absolutely talk myself right out of moving forward. This is especially true of writing, where I have to take a leap of faith or I would never write a word the minute my doubts took a foothold.

  4. I’ve had my fair (or unfair) number of challenges just lately. There are times the temptation to beat my head on my desk sounds less painful than dealing with one more thing. Thank you for the reminder that we can do it and sometimes all it takes is a furry friend reminding us we have the strength. I loved your post!

  5. Melia,

    You remind me of a cat in some ways … small, lovely and tenacious. Also creative. Now in cats, that can be a bad thing, but for a romance author?

    The Cat’s Meowwww!

    best wishes on your WIP.

    Cathryn Cade

  6. Thank you, Maggie! That leap of faith thing can be tough sometimes, huh? But I do love those moments when I go back and read my ms and realize I LOVE what I’ve written. That does happen on occasion! 🙂

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