Can You Say “Happy”?

I feel like singing!  Which, depending on where you are relative to my location, could be a bad thing.  My sisters seem to have the singing and dancing part down.  I do not.  I have been told I can write, so I’m going with that.  Which is why I feel like singing!  Yeah, I’m in a mood. . ..

Anal writer that I am, I generally give myself about four weeks to figure out the hero and heroine’s inner and outer journey.  I know, I know!  Four weeks is FOREVER!  But, I do have a day-job — also affectionately known as the male observation lab — so four weeks is about right.  This time, I finished a bit ahead of schedule, which means the draft is, theoretically, ahead of schedule.

So, I leave you with the beginning of my storyboard, while I happily pound away at the keys!

Storyboard for my current manuscript (I swear the wheat grass and water bowl are not for me!)

Happy writing!