Can You Say “Happy”?

I feel like singing!  Which, depending on where you are relative to my location, could be a bad thing.  My sisters seem to have the singing and dancing part down.  I do not.  I have been told I can write, so I’m going with that.  Which is why I feel like singing!  Yeah, I’m in a mood. . ..

Anal writer that I am, I generally give myself about four weeks to figure out the hero and heroine’s inner and outer journey.  I know, I know!  Four weeks is FOREVER!  But, I do have a day-job — also affectionately known as the male observation lab — so four weeks is about right.  This time, I finished a bit ahead of schedule, which means the draft is, theoretically, ahead of schedule.

So, I leave you with the beginning of my storyboard, while I happily pound away at the keys!

Storyboard for my current manuscript (I swear the wheat grass and water bowl are not for me!)

Happy writing!


4 thoughts on “Can You Say “Happy”?

  1. Hi Melia. I don’t think four weeks for figuring out your character’s journeys is very long at all. Faster is not always better in the writing world. (Despite what some will have us believe.) Some stories just like to take their time, and that’s okay in the long run. Glad to hear it’s coming along well for you.

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

    The sticky notes help keep me on track and make sure there’s a balance between both the hero and heroine’s internal/external journeys, as well as things like what other characters make an appearance through the manuscript. Yep, I’m the kind of writer who needs to know lest I end up on Mars when I want to go to Montreal! And I’ve done just that, too! Hence the plotting analness (is that even a word?) now.

    Happy writing,

  3. Hi Tammy!

    For me, four weeks seems like such a long time! And can be incredibly frustrating. Ah, well. I guess I’ll just raise my coffee cup and move on! 🙂

    Happy writing,

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