More Nice than Naughty

In a world of absolutes, I prefer to view my life as a “mostly.” As in, I’ve been mostly eating well versus not. Or, I’ve been mostly helping out around the house. Or, I’ve been mostly exercising instead of sitting at the keyboard eating chocolate and drinking red wine. Okay, maybe that whole red wine/chocolate thing’s true, but still….

The point is, this time of year, we all know the drill. Santa only brings you a present if you’ve been good. And while I’ve been sometimes bad, I think I’ve been mostly good. See how that works? I figure Santa’s got a direct line on this whole good/bad thing, and would likely find out that I’ve not always been good, so why lie about it, right? Truth should get me extra points. *Nods head sagely* Doesn’t that make sense?

Anyhoo, my whole reason for being good centers around these babies:

Aren’t they pretty? I figure that since I’ve been mostly good, and didn’t lie about it, then maybe, just maybe, Santa will realize I deserve all three this year. Wish me luck! 🙂

Have a great weekend,