About Melia

Hey there. Thanks so much for stopping by!

I write sassy, sexy, fun contemporary romance novels. I’ve won a couple of awards, and after a dozen years of writing, I’d finally learned enough to sell my first book to Entangled Publishing!

MERGER OF THE HEART debuted on December 29, 2014, and so far, what a ride it’s been! Thanks to readers, my book made it onto Amazon Kindle’s Top 100 Series Romance and lounged there for two weeks. I’m beyond thrilled, and extremely grateful to readers for giving this book a chance!

DRIVEN TO TEMPTATION was released on June 13th, and I gotta admit this book was SO MUCH FUN to write. I really hope you all enjoy Aidan and Delaney’s story!

Like most of us, my life is crazy-busy, but I’m still gonna post onto my blog at least once a week. Maybe twice, even! when I can. (Sometimes life interferes in the most inconvenient ways – LOL.) So…Depending on which day the post goes up, it’ll fit into one of these categories:

Mix-It-Up Monday

Travel Bug Tuesday

Food and Wine Wednesday

Take Me Back Thursday

Photo-Fun Friday

You’ll get a glimpse into my world – including some of the dudes at The Male Observation Lab (aka the construction company day job), my constant battle with CrossFit workouts, and my writing life. So, go grab a drink, get comfy, browse through my posts, and leave a comment or six thousand. . .. I’d love to get to know you, too!

~ Melia