Law of attraction

Overall, It’s a feel good, positive manifesting, go with the flow story of love.
Can’t wait to read the next one! – agnes, amazon

Ian Savage is about to make partner. Too bad his pole-dancing grandmother and the exasperating woman he can’t forget are about to derail his plans.

A second-chance romantic comedy.

After years of sacrificing everything for his career, Ian Savage is on the brink of having it all. But when his quirky grandmother’s bucket list, including spending a night in jail, threatens his future, he turns to the last person he ever wanted to see again—the woman who chose globetrotting over him.

Sonia Spencer is all about tromping through a rain forest. But staying in one place long enough to have her heart broken? No, thank you. When her ex-lover’s grandmother asks for help living out her dreams, Sonia agrees to step in, but just until her passport is renewed.

Caught between career goals and seeing Grams gets what she wants, Ian and Sonia find themselves traveling down the same old road. Are they butting heads or are they falling in love all over again?

If you love a laugh-out-loud, second-chance romance, snatch up your copy of LAW OF ATTRACTION, the standalone third book in the GLENWOOD FALLS series today!

PUBLICATION DATE: September 29, 2022



“Ever since these two showed in the second series, I was wondering what would become of them! Sonia was my fave character in the prior book. In this one, she shines! I LOVE how the author weaved the characters of all three books each time. It’s wonderful to see how the past major characters have changed and grown.” – Agnes, Amazon

I’ve read all of Melia Alexander’s books, and this one ticks all the boxes for me. It’s a second chance love story about a rule-following hero faced with two women who refuse to play by life’s rules. Seriously funny moments supplied by Olivia, the grandma I’m determined to be when I grow up, and Sonia, who is hippie-dippie, escapist fun, but with a sobering backstory that gave the book depth. Fun ride.” – Meredith, Amazon