bargaining with the bachelor

Congratulations to Melia Alexander for this wonderful book that should
be on everyone’s to-be-read list. – cassandra, amazon

One Girlfriend Needed

Cheryl Spencer’s passion project is doomed to fail before it starts when the house she’d donated to a local charity is slammed with Mount Everest-sized issues. She knows the pain of growing up poor, and no way will another deserving family suffer the same fate if she can help it. She needs to strike a deal with someone well-connected and fast. Enter Brad Fischer.

The man oozes charm, and not in a good way. Men like him were great at making promises but that’s where it ended. She should know, she was engaged to a guy just like him, so she has a pretty good idea of how it’ll work out. Dare she trust Brad to follow through with his part of their bargain? Did she have a choice?

Four Weeks to Seal the Deal

As if he hasn’t been the brains behind his brother’s success, Brad Fischer now has to prove himself to his father or else lose his place in the family business once his brother leaves. But Brad’s not a complainer, even when his father demands he get his personal life in order first – and gives him a month to make it happen. Instead, he’s going to do what he’s always done: prove himself yet again.

Only this time will be more fun since proof comes in the form of a sexy woman as challenging as she is beautiful. But can he really spend four weeks pretending to be in love with a woman who’d rather hate him, than date him?

Bargaining with the Bachelor is a full-length novel, the second in The Glenwood Falls romantic comedy series, and yes, it’s a standalone. If you love a sexy enemies-to-lovers story, with a lot of heartfelt moments, this book’s for you! Go on, grab your copy now!

PUBLICATION DATE: April 28, 2022



“Anyhow, this is another great book from Melia Alexander. It’s worth the read and the extra rereads! (Read it 3 times! I enjoy the story like a Netflix movie on repeat).” – Agnes, Amazon

Okay, this one was fantastic! Not only was the rom com portion just amazing but the side story of Cheryl and all of the good she is doing really really warmed my heart! Melia is an auto buy author for me and I cannot wait for the next story in this in rom com series!!” – Megan, Amazon