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I’m spending lots of time with my hero and heroine these days, mercilessly putting them through what the uber-talented Cherry Adair refers to as “what is the f***ing point of this scene” test.  Yep,  I’m in edit mode.

The most difficult part of the process for me is answering Cherry’s question.  What is the point of the scene?  Is it necessary?  Does it add anything to the story, or do I just love the words and want to keep them?  Worse, do I just not want to gut the entire scene — even when soul-deep I know it needs to go?  (Said like I’ve never experienced that before!  🙂 )  Truth is, I’ve hacked off more words from a WIP than I would’ve liked over the years, and am loathe to do it.  Even now.

But in order to fulfill my promise to my readers, I have to be tough.  I have to be merciless.  I have to make full use of the delete button.  Working on it!

In my experience, editing is where either the magic happens or splitting a vein open would be easier.  As far as this WIP goes, we shall see. . ..