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The ever-talented, extremely big-hearted, fellow RWA Rose City Romance Writers Chapter mate, Harlequin Romance author Melissa McClone, is foster mom to a West Columbia Gorge Humane Society kitty who needs some serious surgery.  Unfortunately, we’re also talking some serious dough.  To help Miss Mousie, Melissa has recruited help from her fellow authors to help raise the money, and has set up a blog for this purpose.

Authors have posted about their kitties, and since I’m yet-to-be-pubbed, my three fur babies are posting here.  🙂

Hello.  I’m Alexander James.  I like cat nip.  A lot.  And I like that my mommy and daddy adore me.   *Yawn*  And why wouldn’t they?  I’m their Prince.  They tell me so every day.  I like living with them, especially when they give me cat nip.  And dinner.  I LOVE dinner.  They even got me a little brother back when they both worked horrendous hours and knew I was alone most of the day.  When I’m not beating up on him showing him who’s boss the ropes around here, we play and eat and play some more.  Did I mention cat nip is my favorite part of the day?

I’m Bennett Charles.  I love my mommy and daddy.  Except the time they brought home Chloe.  A girl.  And she doesn’t pay any attention to the fact I’m older.  Why couldn’t they have brought home a dog instead?  Mommy tells me I’m the real reason she wakes up super early to write since I’m more than ready to channel her Muse.  I’m not sure what a Muse is, but it must be good.  All I know is I get to lay down on her keyboard or her notes while she works.  Sometimes not for very long, but then she’ll put me on her lap and let me sleep there.  Do you want a kitty?  To help Miss Mousie, I’m holding a raffle.  A $5 donation gets your name into the hat for my sister!  Her name is Chloe Marie and she’s a pest, but some people think she’s really cute.  Thank you!

Knock it off, Bennett, or I’ll beat you up.  Ahem.  Hi there.   My name is Princess Chloe Marie.  At least, that’s what my daddy calls me.  I hate the V-E-T.  (Mommy and Daddy don’t think I can spell, but I can.)  Anyway, whenever we go to the vet, Daddy tells me it’s because I left my tail there.  I always protest and demand to have it back, but the vet just doesn’t listen.  So, I now make sure my parents know I don’t want to go there at all.  Whenever it sounds like the cat carrier is coming down, I make a beeline for the closest hiding spot – usually the back of Daddy’s part of the closet, mainly because Mommy’s has too much stuff in it.  (That’s what Daddy says.)  Still, Bennett rats me out.  And he wonders why I clobber him every chance I get. . ..

All three of us think every kitty should have a happy, healthy life so we can take care of our peeps.  Please help Miss Mousie if you can.  And please spread the word!

-Melia (Alex, Bennett, and Chloe’s mom)