Celebrating Gal Pals!

A few weeks ago I got together with one of my gal pals – I do try to make time for that as much as possible.  And especially if wine’s involved.  As we shared a bottle and commiserated over the “busy-ness” of life, it occurred to me: what would I ever do without one? (A gal pal, not the wine.  *Sheesh!*)

Every girl needs at least one gal pal, someone she can spill all her deepest, darkest secrets to and know she won’t be judged.  Someone who you know will have your back no matter what, and will even post bail.

Ummm. . .. Unless she’s in there with you.  Not that I’ve ever been in that scenario, of course.  Although a couple of times we’d been politely asked to leave.  (Note to our hubbies: we were not crashing a party – we were sampling the music.  That’s all.  And for the record, we were NOT thrown out, either.)

But the best part of having a gal pal is that she helps keep your sanity intact.  Kinda like having a therapist.  Only cheaper.

So to my gal pals, I raise my glass to you.  Thanks for the laughs, the love, and for always being there.  May you all find yourselves in the starring role in one of my stories!  😉


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