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Once upon a time, this girl met this guy in college where, during their first conversation, they debated the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  After they learned to appreciate the other’s point of view (even though, technically, the girl was right), they fell madly in love, and eight years later got married on a South Pacific island by a priest from New York City.  It’s been twenty-one years, and they’re still married.

I swear it’s all true!

I look back on all this and sometimes shake my head in wonder.  We’re two completely different personalities from two completely different worlds – Hubmeister’s all East Coast logic, and I, frankly, am not.  (Hello!  I grew up on Guam!)

Don’t get me wrong.  I think logic’s fine, but I also think that sometimes you just gotta do stuff like buy that cute pair of teal, leopard print pumps because not only are they adorable, and make your legs look a mile long, but they’re also ON SALE!  Personally, the sale part seems logical to me.  Unfortunately, Hubmeister rolls his eyes.  (Like it really matters.)  Ahem.  But I digress. . ..

As a romance writer, it’s my responsibility to create a hero and a heroine so perfectly matched by the end of the book that readers think, “Well, duh!  Of course they belong together.”  But what, exactly, does that mean?  They both enjoy exotic vacations?  Neither one of them likes disco music?  Or perhaps their idea of the perfect evening involves a hot tub. . . a bottle of champagne. . . and . . . well, use your imagination!  🙂

My take is this: a perfectly matched relationship causes both the hero and the heroine to bring out the best in each other – particularly when times are rough. (‘Cause, gee, isn’t it easy to be your best when life is all champagne and dark chocolates?)  It’s the kind of relationship where each is willing to fight for what’s best for them as a couple, not just for what’s best individually.  And it’s the kind of relationship that neither can easily walk away from when both recognize they’re stronger individually because they’re together.

Twenty-one years ago, Hubmeister promised me three things if I married him:

1.  We would never own a station wagon;

2.  Life with him would never be boring;

3.  He would always love me.

He’s kept those promises, and I honestly believe this incredible man brings out the best in who I am – including the teal pumps, of course!  So are we perfectly matched?  Ask me in another twenty-one years. 😉

What’s your idea of the perfect hero/heroine?

– Melia