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And so the saga continues with our little guy.  Blood work shows nothing’s wrong with him.  Of course there isn’t anything wrong with him.  Alex is perfectly normal.  P1130745That’s why his body’s not able to process potassium correctly, and that’s why he needs 100 – 200 ml of potassium chloride every day – on top of the potassium supplements we use to spike his food.  Because he’s perfectly normal.  Of course.


*Sigh*  Until the docs figure out what’s wrong with Alex, we’ve set up our version of a kitty care clinic in  our solarium, P1130748complete with a pill cutter for his anti-nausea drugs, as well as a pill shooter and sharps container (seriously).  Hauling him to the vet for daily doses of I.V. fluid is not an option. . .. I’d likely end up way more traumatized than he would.  So we’re prepped to do that, too.

On the up side (because heaven knows we need to search for one), he doesn’t seem to mind this particular nightly ritual.  Oh, no.  He waits patiently while Niece and Hubby prepare the fluids (which includes heating it to the correct temperature and then flushing the line), and when the time comes, he crawls onto Hubby’s lap and settles in.  It’s like Alex knows that he’ll feel better once he’s through the procedure, so he’s happy to settle down long enough to get it done.

And aren’t we lucky?  🙂