Welcome to Take-Me-Back Thursday!

I’ve been looking at photographs lately. Not the digital variety (cuz that’d be so easy to store!), but the actual put-in-a-photo-album kind. The same ones that take up oodles of precious real estate. I’ve got so many of these suckers that even I’m impressed with how well my life’s been documented! 🙂

I suppose you could say I’ve taken more than my fair share of flower pictures, and landscape pictures, and family pictures. (Just how many shots of family meals have to be taken, anyway?) But I do know that I’ll never have too many cat pictures. Is that even possible?

One of my faves is this one of Bennett Charles:


Doesn’t he look fierce?

I sure miss him…

So what do you think’s a better way to keep your pictures? The digital variety that you scroll through or the paper one that you can flip through?

Deep ponderings, huh? 🙂

Happy Almost-Friday,

Underneath the Tree

Welcome to Mash-Up Monday!

Because life is so hectic for me these days (and I’m too darned tired to think of anything clever), I’m gonna let you all decide what this pic is about. 🙂

20141221_193503Have a wonderful week!



Kitty in a Bag

One of the things I lurrvv about the holidays is the newness of it all. Sure, there’s a tree and candy and gift wrap and Poinsettias and loads of cookies. There’s also Christmas music and parties and seeing friends and family. But each year, it’s somehow different. I know, I know. The same, but different.

Right about now my writer friends are snickering at what we often hear that editors and agents are looking for in our stories – the same, but different. But I digress….

This Take Me Back Thursday pic was from last year, shortly after Daniel Alexander came into our lives.

P1150982For him, everything was new, everything was exciting, and everything had to be explored. (Yay!) He climbed over packages under the tree, he batted at dangling ornaments on the tree, and if there was a bag sitting around, watch out! Nothing was sacred to this little guy. (Half chewed-on wrapped gift, anyone?)

And so it is again this year. But that’s a story yet to be written…. 🙂



Christmas Catnip

Welcome to Take Me Back Thursday!

Like most cat lovers, we give our fur babies Christmas prezzies. Their most fave is catnip – natch. I’m thoroughly convinced kitties can smell catnip even through extra-thick layers of plastic. And once a kitty gets his hands on it, watch out! It’s instant kitty love! 🙂 These pics from last year’s Christmas is the latest in a long list of examples.

Memories like these are what make life so much fun!

Are your fur babies on your Christmas list?

Happy almost-Friday,

A Brief Moment in Time

It’s been a year since I’d last held this little guy. Of course, at fifteen, he was much larger than in this photo. But to me, he’ll always be my baby.

Time passes so quickly, the hours turning to days, then weeks, then months, and years. Until one day, it’s all used up. And what we’re left with are those brief moments of time strung together into a fabric so rich (hopefully!) that even though they’re gone, we’re left with wonderful memories that linger with us the rest of our lives.1998 alex and shoesSo it is with this little guy. He came to us weighing less than a pound and immediately imprinted himself onto our lives. Yeah, Mr. A and I miss him terribly.

Rest in peace, Alexander James. May the sun always shine where you are.

Happy Take Me Back Thursday,

My Little Punkins

Welcome to Take Me Back Thursday!

Once upon a time, there were only two kitties in the Alexander home, Alexander James and Bennett Charles. Both were wonderfully curious kitties, and loved to explore anything new that came into their field of view. But then they got a baby sister. Things changed with this one, as neither boys liked her very much, and typically left any air space Chloe Marie was in. But at Halloween that year, there was a shift in the household.

See, Mr. A carved a pumpkin. And all three cautiously entered the breakfast nook. Seemed they had to explore the weird scraping and cutting along with the occasional expletive. (Have you ever carved one without swearing?) And for the first time, all three fur babies came together! No one hissed at anyone, no one swatted at anyone, and no one growled. It was beautiful!

That year, it took longer than usual to get the pumpkin carved and ready to be displayed. But who cared? The results were so worth it!

What fave Halloween memories do you have? Please share!

Happy Halloween Eve,



There’s been a whole heckuva lot of busy these days! Sometimes it feels good to stop and stretch, doesn’t it?


Have an awesome stretch-filled week!